LED Wall Sconce Lamp – 7 Watt – P13(GX23) 2-Pin

LED Wall Sconce Lamp – 7 Watt – P13(GX23) 2-Pin

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Product description
The RCL124 is an omni-directional lamp built to retrofit P13 and G24U CFLs. All 685 lumens of this 7 Watt lamp are produced in a 360 degree beam angle in a beautiful 3500K White color temperature. This lamp is multifunctional as it comes in both a GX23 and G24U base plus it can be used in recessed can fixtures, bollards, and wall packs. Be sure to bypass the ballast in the circuit for proper installation.
    Additional Information

    Weight 0.4 oz
    360 degree illumination, Epistar warm white SMD LEDs, Lamp installation requires bypassing the ballast in the circuit

    Color Temperature



    120VAC or 277VAC

    1.6″ diameter, 5.25″ M.O.L.

    Pin Base
    PL13(GX23)2-pin base or universal G24U 4-pin base retrofits G24q-1, G24q-2 & G24q-3

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