LED Step Lamp – PL13(GX23) 2-Pin

LED Step Lamp – PL13(GX23) 2-Pin

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Product description
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Product description

The UBW3WK has a linear array of 14 High Powered LED’s that is meant to replace fluorescent tubes used in step light fixtures, but can be used for Prison Bed Check Lamps and Under Cabinet Lighting as well. With its long lifespan and 3 Watt energy consumption you can expect to save time and money.

                                Additional Information

                                Weight 0.06 oz
                                "Eliminates bulb replacement assuring increased safety with long-term operational service" "Lamp installation requires bypassing the ballast in the circuit" "Retrofits P13(GX23 based) florescent tubes " "Solid state electronic circuitry" "LM80 Epistar Chips 2835 SMD LED’s"

                                120VAC or 277VAC

                                PL13 (GX23) base

                                5.3" M.O.L.


                                Design Life
                                50,000 hour design life

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