Office LED Lighting

LED lamps provide many benefits to office facilities, both inside and outside. LED lights are known for their longevity and their variety of color and brightness levels. Using LED bulbs rather than other light bulbs increases energy efficiency, saving businesses thousands when used at scale. And when you opt for LED lights you can save time by getting all exterior and interior light bulbs from one trusted supplier. Finally, LED bulbs are more environmentally friendly than other light bulbs.

Office Interior Lighting

Having the right office lighting is imperative to workplace productivity and it influences employee mood and performance. Many studies show that harsh and dim light decrease office productivity, LED bulbs come in a wider variety of colors and brightness so you can get the perfect light for your office. Our RCL series bulbs provide soft white color light and frosted covers, making them perfect for your employee areas.


Cut Office Energy Costs

As we have previously mentioned, LED bulbs last longer and are more energy-efficient, both reduce energy and maintenance costs for lights. In addition to those, LED bulbs don’t produce heat like traditional bulbs do which reduces other energy costs in heating and cooling.


LED Exit Signs

If you have exit signs in your office facility then LED bulbs are a great option for keeping signs bright for longer periods of time. Our lamps come are available in different colors to fit the needs of different office spaces.


Office Exterior Lighting

Entrance/exit paths and office parking areas require a lot of illumination to be safe for your staff and visitors alike. Facility exteriors are also the largest areas to light making them the most expensive in energy and maintenance costs. Our SBL bulbs have a 50,000-hour operation life so replacement maintenance is cut to a minimum, and with a 5200 Lumen brightness you can ensure your office exterior is well lit

RCL+ LED Bulbs

With a 270 degree beam angle this is a perfect retrofit for recessed can and sconce lighting fixtures. This is a great lamp for offices due to the lamp’s soft white color and frosted cover. 

RCL+ Horizontal LED Lamp

This horizontal RCL bulb has a 120 degree beam angle. It also has a 270 degree rotating base so you can get the best lumen coverage no matter how the fixture is built. Still with a soft white color and frosted cover making it perfect for office interiors.


Ultra-Bright Red LED Sign Kit

Expertly built to save you time and money. Each lamp has solid state electronics to keep your exit sign lit for longer and with only 1 Watt per lamp.


SBL Office Exterior LED

With a 180-degree beam angle this is perfect to retrofit perimeter lighting fixtures. The updated heat sink allows for up to 50,000 hours of operating time, saving maintenance and repair costs in your office facility. And it comes with a 5 year warranty.

Reach out about your office lighting needs, an LED expert will contact you!