Commercial LED: Warehouse Lighting

Warehouses are often the largest interior and exterior spaces of any business and those require a lot of energy to illuminate. LED lamps offer a lot of benefits for warehouse-type applications from energy cost-cutting to higher light quality LED bulbs are the chosen lights for many warehouse managers.

Interior Warehouse Lights:


High-Bay LED (20 ft high or more)

Large indoor spaces with high ceilings need to create highly efficient workspaces, and high-quality, long-lasting light bulbs are paramount to those workspaces. Our high-bay LED bulbs like the Corn CNL and HBL High Bay Lamps have a 360º beam angle ensuring complete coverage of the space. And the full beam angle is optimized because LED’s utilize a multi-point design, meaning they distribute light on the intended surface very evenly, making all of the light in the space consistent and bright across all areas. Since large indoor warehouses use so many light bulbs, switching to LED can bring annual energy savings in the thousands of dollars because their energy usage is ¼ of what HID (high-intensity discharge) bulbs use.


Low-Bay LED (Less than 20 ft high)

When designing a workspace with closer ceilings customized lighting is necessary to properly illuminate the space. LED bulbs are the best solution for their wide range of Correlated Color Temperatures (CCTs) so no matter the purpose and location of a space the lighting can be customized to best illuminate the people and processes.

Exterior Warehouse Lights:


Building Perimeter LEDs

Exterior lighting is an essential part of warehouse building safety and security. Building perimeters with proper lighting can reduce accidents and injuries to employees and visitors. Our wall pack LED lamps are designed for durability and optimal visibility with varying beam angles. Our fixtures are low-maintenance, reducing the need for relamping thousands of hours saving maintenance and bulb costs dramatically.


Parking Lot LED Lighting

Commercial warehouses usually have large parking lots that require a lot of illumination. Hundreds of lamps take time and resources to replace, but with LED bulbs you can cut all of those costs substantially with longer more durable lifespans. One of our best parking lot lamps is the EXP+ LED Area Light which has a variable beam angle that you can customize for each area of operation and the updated heat sink allows for up to 50,000 hours of operating time.

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