Hotel & Hospitality LED Lighting

Lighting in the hospitality industry is one of the highest priorities for great hotel design because guests should have a warm and inviting feeling during their stay. Lighting is an important focus since it is one of the highest contributors to hotel utility costs. With large parking lots and outdoor areas, and numerous accommodation and amenity rooms hotels contain thousands of lights.

Hotel Lighting Costs

Each bulb replaced with an LED lamp saves energy and money for every second it shines. LED lamps output more lumens per watt than conventional incandescent bulbs, which means that even with the upfront costs of switching to LED bulbs they can pay for themselves within 3 to 6 months.

LED lamps also last vastly longer than other lighting options. Most of our lamps last for up to 50,000 hours, which means that hotels can save even more on lighting maintenance and replacement costs.

Hotel Lighting Design with LED

We know that a great deal of thought and effort goes into designing the aesthetic of a hotel, and lighting plays a big role in the hotel’s appearance. LED lights can be easily implemented in lighting design due to the variety of shapes and sizes, and you can get all your lamps from one trusted supplier rather than several. To meet the various needs of different hotel rooms and facilities our LED lamps come in a wide range of brightness and Correlated-Color-Temperature. This means that guest rooms feel comfortable and inviting, and parking lots are well illuminated and safe.

Interior Hotel LED: Recessed Can Lamp

Recessed can fixtures can be used in hotel hallways, bathrooms, and conference rooms. Lumens and color temp depends on the needs of the guests.

Interior Hotel LED: Wall Sconce

Sconce fixtures are affixed to the wall and produce light reflected off the wall with the light being produced either upward or downward.

Hotel Parking Lot LED: Street Lamp

Parking Lot Fixtures usually use very bright and high wattage lamps with a downward angle to Illuminate hotel parking lots.


Exterior Hotel Walkway LED: Bollard

Bollards are short upright ground-mounted units that give off light from the top or sides of the fixture. They are used to illuminate walkways and steps and should have a 360-degree beam angle.

Reach out about your Hotel or Resort lighting needs, an LED expert will contact you and help design a beautiful lighting plan!