Commercial LED Lighting

You have likely heard the about the energy-efficiency of LED lamps in different applications and that LED bulbs are more environmenally-friendly, but do you know all the benefits of LED lighting for commercial entities in your industry? Our LED experts have work with countless businesses to improve their lighting cost-efficiency and provide better lighting solutions for their facilities. Here are some of the biggest commercial industries and the how they benefit from LED.


Hotel and Resort LED Lighting

Lighting in the hospitality industry is one of the highest priorities for great hotel design because guests should have a warm and inviting feeling during their stay. Lighting is an important focus since it is one of the highest contributors to hotel utility costs. With large parking lots and outdoor areas, and numerous accommodation and amenity rooms hotels contain thousands of lights. LED lighting addresses all of these concerns and more. LED offers a range of light color temperatures to make indoors spaces feel warm and outdoor areas to be well lit. And each LED bulb used reduced utility and maintenance costs.


Office LED Lighting

Workplace offices are always looking for ways to decrease overhead costs and improve employee productivity. LED lamps provide many benefits to office facilities, both inside and outside. LED lights are known for their longevity and their variety of color and brightness levels. Using LED bulbs rather than other light bulbs increases energy efficiency, saving businesses thousands when used at scale. And when you opt for LED lights you can save time by getting all exterior and interior light bulbs from one trusted supplier. The different light color temperature options of LED lamps have proven to improve employee health and productivity with warmer bulbs.


Warehouse LED Lighting

Warehouses are often the largest interior and exterior spaces of any business and those require a lot of energy to illuminate. LED lamps offer many benefits for warehouse-type applications from energy cost-cutting to higher light quality LED bulbs are the chosen lights for many warehouse managers.


Hospital and Healthcare LED Lighting

LED lamps can improve the efficiency and nurturing environment of hospital environments with. LED bulbs have varying brightness levels and light temperatures which can improve the mood and mental health of hospital staff and patients. LED lights are the most energy efficient lighting solution, meaning hospitals that use them for their indoor and outdoor lighting save thousands on utility and maintenance costs.


Prison, Jail, and Correctional Facility LED Lighting

Prisons, jails, and other detention facilities face unique challenges with maintaining a safe and efficient environment for inmates and staff. Lighting solutions and managing utility costs can often fall by the wayside but can have a huge effect on the everyday lives of staff and inmates. Prison management and security staff require fast responding lights that provide adequate illumination in different environments. LED lamps are versatile in a variety of applications and greatly reduce utility and maintenance costs.

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