Hospital and Healthcare LED Lighting

Hospital and Healthcare LED Lighting

Improve the efficiency and nurturing environment of your hospital facilities with complete LED lighting solutions from the industry experts at Watt-Man. We will help you plan the right lighting for each space and deliver our highly durable LED lamps. Enable your hospital staff and improve patient experience and outcomes.

Hospital Interior Lighting – Hallways, Bathrooms, & Hospital Rooms

We have long known that different brightness and light color affect humans in a few ways such as mood or sleeping. LED lights are fantastic for this reason as they come in a variety of lumens (brightness) and correlated color temperature (light color). When you partner with Watt-Man an LED expert will guide you through the process of picking and ordering the right lamps for each area and application.

Recessed Can Lamps

Recessed lighting is a minimalistic style that delivers full light coverage. Perfect for hospital rooms and congested areas where traditional hanging light fixtures can make a space feel more crowded or even get in the way. We have pin-base recessed LED lamps as well as retrofit for those that already have recessed fixture and want to make the switch to LED.

Lighting Costs

Hospital maintenance costs are already high, but you can reduce time investment and energy costs when you switch to LED lamps over traditional. Many of our LED lamps are rated to last 50,000 hours or more, and come with a 5-year warranty.

High-bay LED light bulb for warehouse lighting

Hospital Exterior LED Lighting

Hospital Perimeter Lighting

With LED bollard lamps your facility can ensure that the outdoor walkways and facility perimeters are always illuminated fully. These lamps have a 360° beam angle to illuminate the full area around walkways and steps. In addition, the long lifespan of LED bulbs means those important areas stay lit without frequent checks of numerous lights.

Hospital Parking Lot LED Lamps

For vehicle and pedestrian safety, large hospital parking lots require bright full illumination. Poll lighting fixtures are the most common for full parking area lights and they require a 360° beam angle with the right level of lumens. Our LED experts can help you design a lighting plan for parking areas with our 360° post top LED bulbs.

Warehouse LED Lighting
Prison, Jail, and Correctional Facility LED Lighting