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A Trusted Name For LED Lighting Solutions Since 1995.

We offer a broad line of LED retrofit lamps and LED fixtures providing energy efficient, low maintenance alternatives for a variety of incandescent, fluorescent and miniature lamp light sources. Lighting applications include exit signs, hospital and nursing home patient room night lights, commercial step lights, industrial signal beacons, commercial bank lane signals, loading dock signal and communication systems, industrial control panel indicators, low voltage accent track lighting, recessed down light fixtures and decorative lighting applications in shopping malls, casinos and hotels. A partial list of incandescent bulbs suitable for replacement with WATT-MAN™ LED lamps is listed below.

Incandescent, Fluorescent, Metal Halide and HPS Bulbs Suitable for Replacement

Metal Halide/HPS Lamps: 50-watt, 70-watt, 100-watt

Incandescent Bulbs:S-11, S-14, 7C7, T4-½, T-6, T-6½, T-8, T-10, A-19, B-10½, G16, G20, PAR 16, PAR 20, PAR30, PAR 38
CFL Tubes:PL5, PL7, PL9 (G23 base styles), PL13 (GX23 base styles), G24q-1, G24q-2, G24q-3, GX24q-2, GX24q-3, GX24q-4, 13-T5, 15-T5
Miniature Panel Lamps:3S6, 6S6, 1073, 1076, 1141, 1142, 1152, 1156, 120MB
Halogen Accent Lamp:MR16