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Case Studies

​Case Studies

Case Studies

Beacon Signal Lamp

LED Industrial Beacon Lamp - BL Series


A mining company has a series of incandescent vapor proof signal fixtures in their underground mining operation that are difficult to maintain and are critical to the safety of their personnel.

Solution: Model BL35R120M

After retrofitting the fixtures with the WATT-MAN™ LED retrofit lamps, the maintenance of the fixtures is eliminated, assuring a safe operating environment.

Bollard Fixture


​An office complex wanted to reduce energy consumed by 100-watt metal halide lamps in walkway bollard fixtures without sacrificing lumen output and eliminate failing ballasts.

Solution: WPL-W-120M

The fixtures were retrofitted with the WATT-MAN 13-watt LED bollard lamp resulting in an energy savings of 89% while maintaining targeted lumen output. The failing ballast issue was solved by the fact the WATT-MAN LED bollard lamp does not require a ballast to operate.

Bulk Mail Facility Loading Dock Fixture

LED Loading Dock Signal Fixture


A warehouse facility has outdated traffic control fixtures for their loading docks that have become a maintenance headache due to frequent lamp replacement.

Solution: Model SFR/G120DRV

The fixtures are replaced with the WATT-MAN™ L.E.D. traffic controls signal fixture eliminating maintenance costs and improving safety.

Drive-thru Bank Lane Retrofit Lamps

LED Bank Lane Signal Lamps - P16 Series


A commercial bank with hundreds of branches incurs frequent and expensive lighting service contractor maintenance bills for the replacement of the burned out incandescent bulbs in their drive-through teller lane signal fixtures.

Solution: Model P25C16R120M & P25C16G120M

The bank replaces the incandescent bulbs with the WATT-MAN™ LED signal fixture retrofit lamps, eliminating the maintenance expense.

Exit Sign

UltraBright WATT-MAN™ Red LED PL5,7,9 Base


A large office building with compact fluorescent exit signs is experiencing ballast failures which are causing significantly higher maintenance costs.

Solution: Model UBW120P-R

Rather than replacing the exit signs, the facility manager retrofits the signs with the Ultra-Bright WATT-MAN™ LED exit lamps, providing a 10-month investment payback through energy and maintenance savings.

Exit Sign Retrofit Kit

UltraBright WATT-MAN™ Red LED Plus Kit


A retail chain has hundreds of stores nationwide with incandescent exit signs that have created numerous fire safety citations due to burned out bulbs.

Solution: Model UBW120KTL-R

The company supplies each location with the Ultra-Bright WATT-MAN™ Plus LED Retrofit Kit that provides everything needed to convert the signs to LED technology, eliminating the citation issue while reducing energy consumption by 90%.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Signal Retrofit Lamp

LED Fire Extinguisher Signal Fixture Retrofit Lamp


A medical center seeks an energy efficient, maintenance-free lighting solution for their blue signal fixtures located above recessed fire extinguishers and fire hose cabinets.

Solution: Model LDBL120M

The fixtures are retrofitted with the WATT-MAN™ LED Domelamp, which includes the lens and LED light source in a single package.

Hospital Night Light lamp


A hospital has over three hundred patient rooms that have 15-watt incandescent recessed night light fixtures that require frequent bulb replacement.

Solution: Model NL20A120C-(*)

Retrofitting the fixtures with WATT-MAN™ White LED night light/step light retrofit lamps results in a significant reduction in maintenance and energy expense. The investment payback is less than 9 months.

LED PL Wall Sconce Lamp

LED 7-Watt Wall Sconce Lamp PL13(GX23) or G24U


​A condominium tower wanted to replace failing 13-watt CFL tubes and ballasts in their hallway wall sconce fixtures.

Solution: RCL124-120P13

The fixtures were retrofited with the WATT-MAN 7-watt, GX23/2-pin plug in wall sconce lamp. Bypassing the failing ballasts prior to installing the WATT-MAN LED lamps ensured further energy savings and eliminated the need to replace the failing ballasts.

Loading Dock Signal Fixture Retrofit Lamps

LED Loading Dock Signal Retrofit Lamps


A multi-bay loading dock facility was experiencing incandescent bulb burn outs and melted lenses on their loading dock signal fixtures.

Solution: Model RADS18R012DB & RADS18G012DB

The fixtures are replaced with the WATT-MAN™ red and green LED dock signal retrofit lamps eliminating maintenance costs and improving safety.

Recessed Can Fixtures


​A hospital wanted to reduce energy consumption of their 32-watt CFL lamps and eliminate the cost of ballast replacements.

Solution: RCL252-277GX24U

​After bypassing the fixture ballast and installing the WATT-MAN 13-watt GX24/4-pin LED can lamp, a 65% energy savings was realized.

Security Detention Fixture Night Light Lamp

LED Security Fixture - 24 LED Bed Check Lamp


A manufacturer of security detention lighting fixtures wants to incorporate a white LED bed check lamp in a security detention light fixture that will stand up to the rigors of abuse and require no maintenance.

Solution: Model UBW24WK120P

A custom designed WATT-MAN™ LED lamp provides the maintenance-free and vibration resistant solution.

Utility Power Control Room

LED Control Panel Lamp - E12 Candelabra Base


A utility company wanted to replace incandescent bulbs in their control panel indicator lights.

Solution: Model CL3W120C, CL3W012B, CL3W024B

The miniature incandescent bulbs were replaced with WATT-MAN™ LED panel lamps eliminating bulb maintenance and providing a dependable light source for the panel indicators.